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Different types of pot use and maintenance methods Several commonly used pot maintenance

1, wokNew wok to buy the first to soak with salt water, and then drop some salad oil wipe to use. If there is smell, put the ginger cut into pieces, after the pot to heat it again. Wok easy to rust, should not be full of food overnight. Try not to use the wok soup, so that the surface of the pot that can protect its non-rusty food layer disappeared. Brush pot should be used as little as possible detergent, then wipe the water. If there is a slight rust, you can use vinegar to clean.

2, ceramic pot, casseroleThe following are the same as the "According to reports, individual poor porcelain tableware glaze color containing lead, if the porcelain when the temperature is not enough or glaze ingredients do not meet the standards, it may be in the course of the release of more lead. Relevant departments have also found in the sampling of individual ceramic pot lead, cadmium dissolution exceeded, which will cause heavy metal poisoning. As the casserole enamel contains a small amount of lead (especially glaze color casserole can not be used), so the new casserole is best to use 4% vinegar soaked in boiling water. Casserole wall color, should not store wine, vinegar and acidic food. When buying ceramic tableware to choose the surface smooth and smooth, ceramic uniform, bright color.

 3, stainless steel potStainless steel is not completely rusty, if long-term exposure to acid, alkali substances, but also from the chemical reaction. Therefore, stainless steel utensils should not be used for a long time to hold salt, soy sauce, soup and so on. Do not use stainless chemicals with strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals to avoid corrosion. 

4, non-stick panIts main raw material is ammonium perfluorooctanoate, ammonium perfluorooctanoate is a man-made fluorine-containing polymer acid, because of its high degree of stability, and food is not easy to produce adhesion, which used to make non-stick coating. It should be noted that if the dry or oil temperature reaches 300 ℃ above, the coating may be damaged. 

The temperature of the general cooking will not reach 260 ℃, but if the fried food, the boiling point of oil is 320 ℃, obviously more than the coating to withstand the temperature, it is easy to lead to decomposition of the coating composition, so fried food is best not to use Not sticky pot. In addition, do not use non-stick pan when cooking with iron shovel, to prevent damage to the coating. 

5, aluminum potAluminum pot is characterized by uniform heat distribution, and the pot body lighter. But the use of improper, aluminum will be a lot of dissolution, long-term excessive consumption of aluminum, will accelerate the body aging. Aluminum pan should not fry or stir-fry, high-temperature fry or with a metal shovel when cooking with aluminum pan collision, friction, are likely to release the aluminum components. In addition, the aluminum pot can not be loaded with strong acid and alkali dishes, such as pickled food. Therefore, the daily life should be used with little or no aluminum pot.