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Solamex Tool Usage

The frying pan is easily damaged. Therefore, when using the frying pan, we should pay attention to the following seven points:

1. The newly purchased frying pan needs to be brushed with a harder brush. The wall of the pan has micro-pores and water absorption. The pan can be filled with clean water for 3-5 minutes, and then washed and wiped. But it should be noted that the soaking time should not be too long. Before putting the casserole on the fire to burn things, the water on the outside of the casserole should also be wiped dry. When the newly bought frying pan is used for the first time, it is better to boil porridge or boil rice water with it to plug the tiny pore of the casserole and prevent seepage.

2. When boiling soup and stewing meat in a frying pan, first put water in the frying pan, then put the frying pan on the fire, first use gentle fire, then use vigorous fire; when the frying pan is boiling things, if there is less soup in the pan, add water, avoid adding cold water, or hot water should be added; at the same time, the soup in the pan can not overflow, in order to prevent the outside edge of the pan from splitting with water.

3. If you are heating in a coal stove, you should prevent the bottom of the frying pan from matching the coal.

4. The frying pan is crisp and fragile. It should be handled lightly when used.

5. The hot frying pan that has just been used up should be placed on the iron frame or dry board or straw mat. Do not put it on the wetland, tile or cement floor. Otherwise, the temperature will change abruptly and the frying pan will burst easily.

6. Don't boil sticky paste food in a frying pan.

7. It is not suitable to store wine, vinegar and acidic drinks and food when the inner wall of the frying pan is colorful.

8. The material of the frying pan is special. It should be cleaned after the frying pan is cooled. And can not be soaked with detergent, to avoid sewage infiltration into the capillary of the frying pan, how to wash can not be washed out. Washed frying pan can not be put away until the water is completely dry, otherwise it may grow black spot mold.