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Choosing a pot also depends on the dish.

We deal with frying pans every day. A good frying pan can not only provide us with delicious food, but also protect our health. However, the various pots on the market make people see dazzling, non-stick pots, aluminium pots, stainless steel pots, iron pots, casseroles, etc., which kind of pot to choose is good? In fact, the choice of pots for cooking also depends on the dishes.

Non-stick pot: oil before firing

Because the bottom of the pot is coated with non-stick coating, the non-stick pot has the advantages of saving oil, not easy to adhere to food materials, good cleaning and so on. But the research shows that the non-stick pot will release harmful substances above 260 C. Adding vinegar or soy sauce to the non-stick pot will also increase the dissolution rate of non-stick paint, which is harmful to health. Therefore, the use of non-stick pan must be cold pan cold oil, that is, before the fire, oil, food materials, control the temperature, avoid fried; and open the fume extractor, to avoid inhaling the volatile substances hidden in the air when cooking; until the dish after seasoning, dripping sauce.

Aluminum pot: avoid acid food

The advantages of aluminium pot are light material and fast heat conduction. However, improper use of aluminium pot will release aluminium ions. Aluminum is easily deposited in bone and central nervous system, affecting calcium absorption. Some studies have pointed out that aluminium ions are easily released when cooking acidic food in aluminium pot, so it is necessary to avoid cooking acidic food in aluminium pot, such as vinegar, tomatoes, traditional Chinese medicine decoction, etc. It is safe to boil water and scald vegetables in an aluminium pot, but the seasoning steps should be changed to the dish before proceeding. Aluminum is metabolized out of the body through the kidneys, and people with impaired kidney function should avoid using aluminium pots.

Stainless steel pot: not long to serve vegetable soup

Stainless steel pots contain chromium and nickel, which can withstand high temperature below 400 C without corrosion under non-strong acid or non-strong alkali environment. But if long-term contact with acid and alkali food, there will also be chemical reactions, so it is not appropriate to keep salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup for a long time.

Iron pot: try not to boil soup

The traditional Chinese iron pot is a safer kitchen utensil at present. The qualified iron pot is made of pig iron. It generally does not contain other chemicals, nor does it cause oxidation problems. In the process of stir-frying and cooking, there will be no dissolution in the iron pot, and there will be no problem of falling off. Even if there is dissolution of iron, it is also good for human absorption. It should be reminded that ordinary iron pots are easy to rust, if the human body absorbs too much iron oxide, that is, rust, it will cause harm to the liver. Therefore, it is not advisable to use iron pot to hold food overnight, and at the same time, try not to boil soup, so as to avoid the surface of iron pot to protect its non-rusty oil layer disappearing.

Casserole: add water before use

The casserole is fired from pottery clay at high temperature. It has good heat accumulation and heat preservation effect. It is suitable for porridge boiling, soup boiling and hot pot stewing. But do not use casserole to fry vegetables, because the oil temperature is very high, when the oil in the pot is heated, suddenly put into cold dishes, the pot is easy to crack. Therefore, before using the casserole, water should be added before moving to the stove. If the casserole is first boiled and then put in water, it is easy to crack the pot.