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Solamex non-stick pot, fruit pot, meat

1. Slice the tenderloin into thick slices, add salt, sugar, chicken essence, a little raw soy sauce and pepper, and grab well. Add 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, grab the meat and absorb the cooking wine, then add cornstarch (or raw meal), the amount is slightly more than the general marinated meat, grasp well.

2. Cut the apple and onion into pieces, slice the onion white into small segments, slice the ginger and set aside.

3. Deep-fry the starched meat in a sixty-percent hot oil pan at medium temperature until it is finalized. Remove it. Raise the oil temperature and fry it again at high temperature until the meat is golden. Remove it.

4. Leave a little oil in the pot, add tomato sauce, stir-fry, then add sugar, white vinegar, a little salt, a little raw smoke, sugar and vinegar ratio is strictly controlled to 2:1, which is the key to taste purity, boil until sugar melts, pour into all the ingredients, stir-fry until sauce is evenly wrapped with raw materials, you can add a little chicken essence, out of the pot.~

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