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What you need to know about the application and maintenance of cooking utensils

Material Distinction of Plastic Containers

This type of container is very common, usually used in food refrigerators or microwave. Although they look similar, different materials need to be distinguished. PP material is heat-resistant at 135 C; PS should avoid heating the material, and should not be used for acidic or fried food; also prevent melamine acid from crushing, but pay attention to the specific heat of the product; be careful of containers made of PVC material, because they will release carcinogens when heated. Like many cheese seals with fresh-keeping film and microwave oven food, but do not pay attention to the seal, and food and fresh-keeping film between the best distance greater than 3 centimeters.

Avoid sticky stir-frying

The painful lesson of merger and acquisition is that it is not sticky and can not be scrubbed with steel balls. Of course, hard brush cloth is not suitable for it. It's easy to soak and clean, because there's a layer called non-stick Teflon coating. If the empty pot is heated at high temperature, stir-fried or cooked with metal shovel, it may release the coating. Although it has not been proved that the coating is harmful to human body, it still sounds strange. Be careful! In addition, it will certainly never stick Oh reduce life!

Stainless steel decoction is not suitable for Chinese medicine

Some people may have weak JMS need to take traditional Chinese medicine. The best Chinese medicine container is a special medicine jar. Now it seems very difficult to see that kind of medicine childhood bottle. But some brands introduce more fines for Chinese medicine jars. Chinese herbal medicines are not suitable for painful stainless steel pots because they are contained in organic acids or alkaloids. After boiling heat transfer for a long time, herbal medicines can react with metals to cause drug failure. In serious cases, harmful substances may be produced. In addition, stainless steel utensils are not suitable for long-term strong acid food or wine.